Bible Dots

Bible Dots notate relationship between scriptures.


The fundamental discovery behind the Bible Dots project is the realization that the Bible contains an exhausitve framework for using Scripture to interpret Scripture. This website exists to flesh out this claim by documenting the framework.

Pre-Genesis Dot Set

This dot set ends at Genesis 4 and originates most likely in the book of Revelation. This set does not have a Signature Dot.

Genesis Dot Set

This dot set spans from Genesis 5 somewhere into the book of Exodus.

Exodus Dot Set

This dot set begins somewhere after the Ten Commandments and roles into at least the book of Numbers. It continues the dot set from Genesis.

Deuteronomy Dot Set

This dot set begins near the Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy and ends somewhere in Joshua or beyond.

Ezekiel Dot Set

Reworked based upon prophets on the US Map. This series appears to begin somewhere near the end of Second Kings, with the Signature Ezekiel dot being the first dot in Ezekiel, and ending with a Dot 66 near the end of Ezekiel.

Isaiah Dot Set

The original dot set.

Psalms A Dot Set

A dot set spanning from Hosea 10 through Psalm 41 with two Signature Dots.

Psalms B Dot Set

This dot set spans the middle section of Psalms.

Psalms C Dot Set

This dot set spans much of Psalms and into the book of Job.

Acts Dot Set

A dot set spanning Acts.

Philippians Dot Set

A fast paced dot set spanning Philippians.